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The Victorian Artist's connection with our village

The renowned illustrator and writer of Children's Books had a long attachment with Rolleston, having lived here as a very young child in 1846, and then being a regular summer visitor until she was about 20.  The illustrations for which she became so famous in her lifetime and which remain popular to this day, were based on her observations of the people and the countryside in Rolleston.

18 the holding spring
Kate Greenaway Trail


The Kate Greenaway Action Group

In 2019 the property that Kate Greenaway lived and stayed in during many of her childhood visits to Rolleston became empty.  Several residents were concerned that the house now ran the risk of being demolished to make way for new housing development as had already happened in the village.  A group of us got together to form the Kate Greenaway Action Group with the purpose protecting that dwelling, but of also promoting the connection between the village and the renowned Victorian Children's Artist and Author Kate Greenaway.

With outline plans to develop the croft land behind the property now submitted to planning it has now become even more important to raise awareness so that the property remains protected.

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Kate Greenaway Country

We are so fortunate to have Kate Greenaway's legacy as part of the history of our village, not only because it is wonderful to have such a close connection with someone known and appreciated across the globe, particularly in the United States, but more significantly, because her illustrations capture something of what life was here Rolleston in Victorian times.

We have some dedicated members of the group who have researched Rolleston in this period and mapped out the parts of the village that were an influence in the Artist's work.

Rolleston Village Sign.jpg


Community awareness

It is important to inform our community and visitors to Rolleston of our association with this famous Victorian Artist who had links with the village. Leaflets and maps are now around the village. 

With the new entrance signs provided by Rolleston Parish Council everyone now knows that they are entering Kate Greenaway Country.

The PC has also agreed to call the open garden space close to where she stayed the Kate Greenaway Garden.

We also have obtained agreement by Notts County Council to put a blue commemorative plaque on the house Kate Greenaway stayed and lived in.

We are keen to protect our heritage and especially the association with the properties in our community which are included in the

Kate Greenaway Trail

Kate Greenaway aged 16.jpg
First planters 06.04.21.jpg

Kate Greenaway's love of flowers

Through a group of volunteers and fundraising we intend to fill Rolleston with flowers and enjoy the beauty that Kate Greenaway included in her artwork. She is quoted as saying
" the prettiest garden she has ever seen was in Rolleston"

The Kate Greenaway Trail

Starting at the Village Hall there now a walking trail around the rural village of Rolleston, taking in all the important places that Kate mentions in her diary or has drawn.  Leaflets and maps are available about the village and the details are also on a page on this website.

The trail will end at the Kate Greenaway Gardens where you can have a picnic and enjoy sitting amongst beautiful Victorian type flowers similar to those that she would have recognised.

Kate Greenaway Trail_edited.jpg

Talks and Visits

We want to share the information we have with the local community and anyone who is interested in the famous Victorian Artist and the history of the village and village life.

We are planning to hold talks for local organisations and provide guided walks of the Kate Greenaway trail to both adult and school groups.

A couple of our volunteers are happy to visit your group to give a talk to do this we charge £40 per talk and mileage if you are not local.

We are able to tailor make the talk if there is something specific that your group are interested in.

For further information please drop us an email

Our long term goal is to provide a comprehensive archive

We have already obtained a large amount of information about Rolleston during the time Kate Greenaway visited and we are hoping to be able to digitalize the most important pieces and continue to gather even more information about our community during this era.

18 the holding spring.jpg
Kate Greenaway picture.jfif

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Vincent van Gogh


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